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ASAP Rocky – Blur Mp3 Download + Lyrics

ASAP Rocky – Blur mp3 download

ASAP Rocky has just dropped a new banger titled Blur which is available for quick listen and download below.





Make up to break up
Then make up again
Make love to f**k up
You make up again
Just make love and never
Show fake love again
Be safe love in nightclubs
To wake up

[Verse 1]
She was a blur now she a blur in my memory
I remember what we was finna be now I know her as my enemy
Member it was so friendly put
She just wanted some sympathy
I just wanted some empathy
I wasn’t feeling her energy
They ask about me in her interviews
I just want peace and tranquility
But now that hoe can go suck a d**k
You heard Lewinsky no Hillary
So where these ..
I can tell she was gon hinder me
Tryna act so innocent
Now I love her so bittersweet
Now she just a blur in my memory
Not a little but literally
Can’t read between lines you illiterate
I hate her a lot not a little bit
You befriended all my frenenemies
You f**k with my ex are you kidding me?
These h**s your best friends are you shitting me?
Hang out every day just to get to me?
And f**k with me?
But don’t f**k with me?
The games that you play ain’t offending me
Imma just sip on my Hennessy
And now you a blur in my memory
Now you all sour and lemony?
And spilling all tea ain’t no remedy?
Tell your man I wan’t smoke like a chimney
Now you gotta deal with the penalty damn

[Outro: Bekon]
How do you break up and wake up tomorrow
No more waiting with me please don’t follow
So much anger and reason you’re hollow
Peel back the layers and then
We’re finally freee


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