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Chronic Law – Talk Facts Mp3 download + Lyrics

Chronic Law – Talk Facts Mp3 download.

Chronic Law wrote his song “Talk Facts” which he released on April 21, 2020 by himself. The song is rumored to be a diss on Jahmeil.





Chronic Law – Talk Facts Lyrics

Yuh know e code enuh man
If anuh robbery, ah murder
Fuckery dem ah talk, tell dem fi talk facts (Yeah)
Yallahs to Bull Bay know weh wi charge fah
Yow Hilltop

[Verse 1]
Double murder
Quadruple murder
Dem ah look fi mi ah KFC, but mi buck di rasta burger
Must dem ah rape weh dem ah sing ah strangle girl fah
Couldn’ research, yuh just go repeat all mi verse back (Yeah)
Surgeon pon dah beat ah cut it up, ah just ah nurse dat
Nursery rhymes nuh guh nowhere
Dem bwoy deh still inna rehearsal
When him deh foreign, ah funny gad him ah lotion
Dawg, mi couldn’ try fi link wid battyman fi gain dah world yah

Talk facts
Talk facts, badboy, talk facts
Buss e chip inna yuh head when gyal ah piss inna yuh locks
Never buss ah gun, dem never guh chip up ah Glock
Kill dem midnight and bury dem 1 o’clock (Hah)
Talk facts and doh talk trash
Never march wid ah K wid ah paint pon ah shot
Rasta yuh cyan guh ah Zion inna frock
Stop watch murderer like yuh ‘ave grudge

[Verse 2]
Sample man, wah dat inna yuh song?
Bout yuh wan’ scramble man?
What ah dutty dread dem is, ah rass weh n’ave nuh ambition
If dem come ah country, wi bury dem pon ah mango farm
If wi walk ah town dem head ah buss, nuh tink ah bomb guh off
Man nuh laugh
Yuh crowd like comedy, suh yuh just full dem up ah joke talk
Man guh hard
Fuck di melody, kill dem wid bars
Ah dis wi call tough, wul ah unuh soft
Rockfort dem haffi call wi landlard and wi nuh rent mi yard
To how wi run di place, wi get reward
Dem haffi send fi sarge
Ah Triple X di ting deh very large, di link dem very broad
Government badness, ah wah do di likkle dwarf?
Claffy cyan style, Bashy have di gold Matic
Anuh feel seh yuh fi [?]
E two fake rass ah mind jacket
And dah tall weird nigga deh cyan breed nobody
(And yuh sleep wid Patrick)


[Verse 3]
Maverly badness dem just buss inna
Grims go fi bwoy, bines fly up inna dutty locks
Seh dem ah try fi jump di fence weh dem seh mi aguh stuck inna
See dem ah bawl mi evil, head ah tear off, and mi love see dat
Banana clip run out inna di monkey rass
Friend ah call him spare tire, ’cause ah inna trunk him lock
Wi love fi kill, unuh love fi chat
Wi do di crime, everybody weh yuh see ah suh act
From yuh ah push e B13, mi shoulda kill yuh
Mi stop medz yuh song when mi see seh ah nigga yuh love
If ah mi ah look ah hype mi woulda follow yuh up
Dem just jealous wi mek di wulla dem haffi step up

Similes dem hot like fire
Cyan find lyrics, dem brain so slow
Sound brave pon chat, better brave pon road
Bout knock it anyting weh dem ah nail ah board


Yuh know di code enuh youth
Murderer never rape
How unuh rob poor people?
Yuh know how tings set ah way


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