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Famous Dex Ft. SSG Splurge – Purge Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Famous Dex Ft. SSG Splurge – Purge Mp3 Download.

Famous Dex has sprung out a song named “Purge” which came from his EP “Where’s Dexter?” on the 14th day of June, 2020. The track which also featured SSG Splurge is right here for you to listen and download with the lyrics.





Famous Dex Ft. SSG Splurge – Purge Lyrics

[Intro: Famous Dex]
Yeah yuh
(Ayo ShekThisYours)
My word, it’s Dexter and Splurge
You don’t honor your word
You don’t honor your word
Boy you don’t honor your word

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
I keep a gun yeah
I keep a gun everywhere
All the bitches say they love me
I got the gold on me diamonds on my teeth yeah
I call lil Splurge he keep him a gun you know it’s a purge yuh
Never lackin in the field
I just pop a lil pill
Ride with me boy you better be for real
She wanna ride on a horse
I might just hop in the sport
Lookin at niggas I know you a dork
I know you a clown
Run up on me boy I swear it go down
.30 on me yeah I keep me a frown
This boy is a clown
Red nose lil dot
Fuck that bitch she a thot
Oo she suck on my cock
Remember days I used to trap on the block
Yeah I don’t do it no more yeah I sell out the show
Go to the back-end yeah tuh then I’m hoping out the window
Playin bitches like Nintendo
Remember them days I ain’t have no
No money I was dummy now I’m gettin this money that’s the end of the discussion
Hold on.. wait..
That’s my word
I ain’t gonna say no more
Yeah I got my lil homie with me…Splurge!

[Verse 2: SSG Splurge]
Bitch I just pulled up on Dex
As soon as I pulled up he gave me a TEC
We gon trap down your block spinning take off your neck
We throw bullets all over his talk tell him fetch
Glock 30 make him do jumpin jacks
Let a hundred shots out the Cadillac
Fuck all that talkin rat-tat-i-tat
M-Worth for life I’m face-tatted that
Smokin good dope that’s an asthma attack
I just knocked down the front door but come through the back
And you better not snitch cause we steppin on rats
Hell yeah I can rap I be steppin on tracks
And we havin water-purity
Me and Dex walk around, no security
No security, fear you ain’t hearin me
I grew up with wolves can’t nobody put fear in me
By God Fear of God on me
Wanna play with me, gon talk to God homie
I was in the city, why you ain’t slide on me?
If a nigga kill me I bet he die with me

[Outro: SSG Splurge]
Bet he come with me..
A nigga touch one of us..
Ay it gon be a fuckin breaking news story
A fuckin.. a shockin… a double homicide
I tell you… you niggas gon die, you hear me?
FN take off on you niggas
Got Dex with me, we bros together
Let’s keep going, you hear me?
Let’s go


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