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JUICE WRLD – Bussin Mp3 Download + Lyrics

JUICE WRLD – Bussin Mp3 Download.

Bussin” is an unreleased song of JUICE WRLD that leaked online on May, 2020. Listen and download the song below.




JUICE WRLD – Bussin Lyrics

We got London on the track
I’m in London, got my beat from London

30 in my body, bussin’, bussin’, bussin’, yeah
Choppa on me, yeah it’s bussin’, bussin’, bussin’, yeah
You ain’t talkin’ money, no discussion, ‘scussion, yeah
I’ma fuck that bitch until she cummin’, cummin’, yeah
Keep my hand on my pole as I watch her dance all on the pole
Locked and loaded, .40, blow it, yeah, I’m down to go
Won’t let a nigga or a bitch put they hands on my soul
I fly high, don’t fall
I fly high, don’t fall
Now it’s a good time to talk to momma on a song
Sorry mom, I admit I did coke
Sorry mom, I admit I did pour
8 in a fuckin’ 20 ounce, oh no
I put my pain in that fuckin’ 20 ounce, I know
She mix the purple with the white, call that shit snow cone
She know my money long
I fly high, don’t fall
I fly high, don’t fall
For that green I shoot you in your face, nigga I’m Larry Birdy
For the team I’m bound to catch a case and leave the tooly squirting
Throw the green, she dancin’ in the club, she got her booty twerkin’
I ain’t even wanna go to the club, I’m a different person
Every time I walk into the club, I got molly workin’
I’m in too deep, when we fuck, I’m a molly surgeon
Maybe I should put the drugs down, I got a bigger purpose
Allow me to prioritize
I fly high, don’t fall
I fly high, don’t fall


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