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Lil Wayne – We Livin Like That Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Lil Wayne – We Livin Like That Mp3 Download.

Lil wayne is back with a self written and performed single “We Livin Like That.” Get the music and music below.





Lil Wayne – We Livin’ Like That Lyrics

Lmma put my niggas where my heart go (Heart go)
[?] doe’ ([?] doe’)
Also the [?] point it at your cornrows (Cornrows)
Shoot them ‘em where the stars go (Bah bah)
Whatchu’ say? I thought so
You don’t want spark woah (Nope)
‘Cause I’m feeling like charcoal (Aye)
I’m feeling like I lost so boy I’m in war mode (War mode)
Highway to heaven nigga (Errp)
I can take you off-road

[Verse 1]
Even though I’m way up, I still finesse (I still finesse)
Even though I’m prayed up, I feel possessed (Dang)
I don’t know man it’s like lately, I ain’t been myself (Nope)
I looked into the mirror and I see somebody else I don’t recognize the face that I wear (Damn)
I look into my eyes and ain’t nobody there and I’m sleeping with a bitch I don’t know (Who is you?)
She sleeping with the dick down her throat oh lord
What if some niggas kick down the door?
I shoot it then hide behind the hoe (Bah bah bah bah bah)

Nigga what I’m living like that
Yeah, nigga what I’m living like that, yeah

[Verse 3]
Nigga what you can die like that
Don’t try like that
Sour grapes nigga ‘cause you [?] like [?]
I don’t see these niggas ‘cause they shine black
Imma throw some bullets in the sky nice catch
In the sky blue ‘vette repping Piru set (Suwoop)
Hop out on that bitch like batman (Yeah)
You get a [?] and a hashtag (Haha)
I cut his feet off, told him “nigga tap dance”
I cut his wings off, make a nigga crash land (Woo)
I need a theme song, I’m a [?]
You talk trash nigga, only to the trash man (Yeah)
These pussycat niggas need a casket (Yeah)
I’m a [?] boss asking what the crime cost (Yeah)
On my high horse saying who I can buy off (Yeah)
Got a [?] in my garage [?]
Got some codeine [?]

Nigga ‘cause I’m living like that (Pour up)
Nigga what I’m sipping like that (Pour up)

[Verse 2]
Lord, they can take me away carry me in the wind
Bury me in with a grin
Salary [?]
Now a bad-ass bitch sharing me with her friend
And I started from the bottom like a tree with a stem (Woo)
Now I feel like 50 Cent ‘cause I see [?]
Wish death upon me like [?] them
But I put the burner barrel to his [?] and leave his blood [?] bikini and swim (Woo)
Motherfucker don’t try, don’t you even attempt (Yeah)
Ion even want beef I want linguini and shrimp
Lamborghinis [?] full of [?]
Fast [?] backwood and swishers sweet with some [?] boy
And when it’s done I got the heat with the ?
Magazine extend, [?]
[?] twin
Ion know two other bad sisters Nina and them
I call them Venus and Serena [?] limbs

And we livin’ like that yeah (Yeah)
Nigga what, you could get it like that (Like that nigga)

Imma put my niggas where my heart go (Heart go)
[?] doe’ ([?] doe’)
Also the [?] point it at your cornrows (Cornrows)
Shoot them ‘em where the stars go (Bah bah)
Whatchu’ say? I thought so
You don’t want spark woah
‘Cause I’m feeling like charcoal (Aye)
I’m feeling like I lost so boy I’m in war mode (War mode)
Highway to heaven nigga
I can take you off-road, I can take you off-road
Welcome to the crossroads
Woah yeah

See one thing about me nigga
I don’t give two fucks about these niggas
I’m three ticks from bombing nigga
I’m 4 [?] from drowning nigga
I’m 5 star if you’re counting nigga


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