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Offset – Eenie Meenie Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Offset – Eenie Meenie Mp3 Download.

Eenie Meenie” by Offset was discharged on May, 2020, while 808 Mafia & Southside oversaw the production of the song.





Offset – Eenie Meenie Lyrics

Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woo, woo, woo (Southside on the track, yeah)
Woo, woo, woo (Hey)

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe (Eeny, miny, moe)
Catch a nigga by the toe (Where you goin’?)
I just hit your bitch (Ah), then I fell in love with her throat (Ugh), ooh
Niggas out here claiming’ goats (Ooh)
Ha Ha Davis, you a joke (Ha Ha)
Thirty-five racks on the coat (Thirty-five)
Spend five racks, get a nigga smoked (Smoke)
I am piped in real life (Piped)
My bitch got M’s and it feel nice (Yeah, yeah)
Lamborghini truck, what’s the deal? What’s the price? (Skrrt)
I ain’t tryna go out like Suge Knight
Nigga, tell me what the lick read (What it is?)
She got paws on her breast like ?
I just stick, no bobbin’, no weave (Stick)
Hundred-fifty K in ones, money to a niece (Hey)
Smoke on that cookie, can’t breathe (Cook)
I had Maison Margiela my sleeve (Margiela)
She got fucked in the trap, had to leave (Smash)
Put the Nawf on my back, it wasn’t easy (Nawf)
Suckin’ my dick, she a leech (Suckin’)
Ain’t no knuckin’, this Uzi gon’ squeeze (Brr)
She a gnat and I know she got fleas (She a gnat)
I’m the [?], no cap, I love cheese (No cap)
Lambo’, Rolls-Royce, and big B (Woo, woo)
Add up my cars, two-point-three (Woo, woo)
Throw that shit back like a flea-flicker (Throw it back)
I’m not sellin’ bags, I’m sellin’ clean, nigga (Clean)
I get you wacked for a bean, nigga (Wack)
SIG with the scope, with the beam, nigga (SIG)
Got my first Glock, sixteen with it (Hey)
One shot, make your head rock and lean, nigga (Hey, hey, hey)
You on that ra-ra (Ra-ra), okay
Choppa go “Rraa-rraa” (Rraa-rraa-rraa)
Posted on the block like ?
Sippin’ Codeine, I’m in La La (Land)
Lookin’ in my pockets, the batter with the band (Band)
Lookin’ in the mirror, I’m the motherfuckin’ man (Man)
Lambo’ truck, guts inside sand (Hey)
Five milly just for my brand (Hey)
Hundred racks to shake my hand (Hundred racks)
Smokin’ on the cookie just to get my own strand (Cookie)
Look to the left, to the right, it’s all Lambs (Lambos)
Hit a fuck nigga in the real nigga stance (Fuck nigga)
Told the bitch get on her knees (Yeah)
And I make her suck it with no hands (No hands)
I pipe this shit up so easy (Easy)
Grab it and squeeze it, he get to wheezin’ (Wheezin’)
I blocked the ho ’cause she texted me a thesis (Woo)
If it’s more than one line, I can’t read it (Woo)
I’m drippin’ in ?
Call [?], put a nigga in the weave (Hey)
Bitch ain’t bad enough to be a diva (Bad)
Shit ain’t adding’ up, you ain’t lethal (Add)
Told the plug, “Get the truckload,” and we gon’ eat ’em (Beep-beep)
White-white [?], the molly call it the beaver (White-white)
Pink diamonds sit in the car, two-fifty Easter (How)
Out on the block, fuck around and catch a fever (Wow)
My gremlins turn into Evel Knievel (Evil)
Put nine lines in a two-liter (Liter)
Nigga tryna plot, I could see it, I could read him (Plot)
I just want the money, end your competing (Nah)
Praying to God, all black, a deacon (God)
Limoncello while smokin’, it’s reekin’ (Limoncello)


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