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TeaMarrr Ft. Wale – Colors Mp3 Download + Lyrics

TeaMarrr Colors Lyrics

TeaMarrr delivered a song named “Colors”featuring with Wale on August 7, 2020 and you can listen and download it quickly as you scroll down.




TeaMarrr Ft. Wale – Colors Lyrics

[Intro: TeaMarr]
Don’t make me verbally son you
Don’t make verbally gun you
Don’t make me verbally hurt you down, yeah

[Verse 1: TeaMarr]
Pardon my pallet, I was made this dark
I still bleed red though my hair is coarse
Miss me with that fake guilt and fake remorse
Ask me how I feel, you just make it worse
They say that they love the rainbow
I know they hate when it reigns though
They want us back in our stables, labeled (Yeah, yeah)
Black dreams standing in the same light
Killing us in daylight so we never take flight
Black dreams smother them ’til flatline
Shoot me for a brake light cause we’re not the same kind

[Chorus: TeaMarr]
I’m just a color (Oh, oh)
I don’t want no problems (Bullet, bullet)
I’m just a color (Oh, oh)
I don’t want no problems (Bullet, bullet)

[Verse 2: TeaMarr & Wale]
Just tryna find a way in this shade
They feel a way and then they piss shade (Ah)
I’m just a color, I’m just a color
Karen let me be great
Hands up in the air, “don’t shoot”
Don’t wanna see another name hashtag (Yeah, ok)
Tryna dull my saturation (Look, look, look)

[Verse 3: Wale]
Look how I’m comin’ through
The system full of lies, but my eyes know the truth
We humble, they be quiet
It’s a riot, then they cool
The black hate the blue
Cause the blue shoot whatever
Which is mostly is the blacks
Cause the blue be acting yellow
And the white seeing red
Cause the blacks ain’t going
The orange in the office
On that green cause he golfing
I hate when brothers hate when brothers gay
Cause why you bashing?
A black hate the rainbow
Then a black hate the palette
I’m tired of being passive
I’m tired of being fed up
It’s purple in this Backwood
It’s brown in this red cup
It’s black lives matter, the road painted yellow
If we doin’ this together then it’s gon’ paint forever

[Chorus: TeaMarr]
I’m just a color (Oh, oh)
I don’t want no problems (Bullet, bullet)
I’m just a color (Oh, oh)
I don’t want no problems (Bullet, bullet)
I don’t want no problems, problems (Yeah)

[Verse 4: TeaMarr]
Can’t see my rise, don’t be color blind
My struggle came from the spoken lies and my broken eyes
And these broken thighs and this broken mind
You look at me and just wonder why
I’m black as fuck and feels so divine

[Outro: TeaMarr]
It’s like I’m bliss to the bullshit, to the bullshit
Cause I’m just a color


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