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Valee – Not Playin Mp3 Download + Lyrics

Valee – Not Playin mp3 download

Valee has come through with a new track titled Not Playin



Nash effect, fuck nigga

My bitch rock Versace, man (Versace, man)
We just spent $600 at Hibachi, man
I’m ridin’ offsets, don’t knock me, man
I got dope bailed, don’t knock me, man (Don’t knock me)
I just been gettin’ neck, I think she broke it, man (She broke it, man)
I got old school, that bitch chokin’, man (It’s chokin’)
I got some loud dope, it sound like ODB (It’s ODB)
I’m rockin’ Saint Laurent, hope she notice me (Yeah)
My seats look like ice cream, nigga, ovaries (Yeah)
I’m still up off yesterday, that’s older geek (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m not no FN, ain’t no foldin’ me
These shoes came with bandaids ’cause they overbleed
My bitch purse is handmade, it’s from overseas (Purse is handmade, it’s from)
I got a thick one, man, and one fit one, man (And one fit one, fit one)
I got Gucci on the main and they fit her, man (And it fit her)
I wish my main bitch wasn’t playin’
I got Gucci on and I’m not playin’
I just had to pay for parkin’ man, stomp on carpet, man
I got yellowbones and red, man, I got methods, man
My judgin’ me like Mathis Gray, man, she can’t help it man (Yeah, yeah)
My bitch got all A’s and B’s and I’m her hitman, had to hit, man
I’m in some hotel, I just need food and bed, man, just got fed, man (Just got fed, man)
Yeah, please don’t run up on me, you gon’ think you sleep but you dead, man (Man)

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